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What is the Trauma Recovery Institute About?

This membership-based program is for anyone who is ready to challenge their perceptions of others, and deeply engage in an understanding of how to overcome traumatic experiences and achieve health goals.

  • You will learn the biological basis of psychological trauma and mental health challenges

  • You will be equipped with cognitive tools to provide more efficient and effective care to your self and others

  • You will learn how to reduce the impact of psychological trauma on yourself and others

  • You will learn the emotional language needed to effectively engage and calm people in emotional distress

Meet Your Instructor

Trauma Psychiatrist Dr. Alauna Curry

I’m Dr. Alauna Curry and I want you to know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In fact, you are far from alone; we are all connected in trauma. Through this site, I hope to offer you an effective path to emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. As a Board-Certified Psychiatrist, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of complex psychological trauma and related mental health conditions, I have diagnosed and provided intensive trauma treatment for US Military veterans for the last 12 years. After years of studying and teaching the most evidence-based trauma treatment interventions currently available, I began to recognize that psychological trauma was present at the core of any mental illness. Whether you realize it or not, you and someone you know is experiencing the debilitating and life altering impact of individual and collective trauma. Once I understood the predictable patterns of thoughts and behavior, and the impact of traumatic experiences on a few specific brain systems, it become clear that these numbers significantly underestimate the prevalence of trauma. Trauma has a 100% prevalence rate. Well that’s pretty depressing, right? Well, yes and no! Because this is an opportunity to get rid of the stigma of trauma once and for all! What is the point of feeling shame for experiencing something that every person is experiencing, and feeling alone in, simply because we are too ashamed to share our stories and reshape them in a healthy way! This is where empathy, specifically having the mental skills to look at any situation from the differing yet equal perspective of another Creator, combined with a deeper knowledge of our brain’s design, can free us from the oppressive, judgmental and traumatic beliefs about ourselves that keep us stuck in a mindset that continues to recreate our most painful experiences. My hope today is that this transformative information will trigger an 'Empathy evolution’ in healthcare and beyond and a catalyst for a healthier, peaceful human species on Earth. Welcome, let’s get to work. The path to trauma healing is Empathy Skills Practice™ and the work begins here.

Work with Dr. Alauna

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Who is Dr. Alauna?

  • American's Only Trauma Psychiatrist

  • Practiced Clinical Medicine for 12+ years

  • Specializes in PTSD, Trauma and Stress-Related Conditions

  • (Retired) High-intensity specialist for male and female US Military veterans

  • (Retired) Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine

  • Public Speaker, Trainer, & Author

  • Creator of Empathy Skills Practice for Traumatized Humans